A lot of little website proprietors rely nearly completely on themselves or their web designer to develop a good web site design without them really understanding exactly what good website design is. Based upon my 8 years experience in site design as well as optimization for visitors and also internet search engine, I can state with a bargain of assurance, lots of web programmers aren’t sure what excellent web design is either.

My sights are based on the comprehensive assessment of hundreds of sites which in a lot of cases look good externally to the untrained eye, yet when reviewed much more carefully, are either average to badly developed web sites, negative websites, or just merely draw.

Besides, anyone can call themselves an internet site developer after just creating one web site, either their own or for a close friend or loved one. The majority of site developers are self-taught and have no certifications of any kind that relate to the work. I’m not saying there is anything incorrect with being self-taught, but a whole lot depends on where as well as from whom you find out and what size of instruction you offer in website design.

Bestwebgallery.com a showcase web site normal of numerous display sites completely internet site layouts has defined just what high quality style is to them (according to the declaration on their site):.

Quality web design = Aesthetic + Technical + Imagination.

The problem with an interpretation similar to this is it focuses on the innovative and appearances of design which is actually just of passion to other site designers aspiring to create something that pushes the boundaries also additionally parallel. It also completely ignores whether the web site is fit for the objective for which it should have been created. Many sites do not need to be stunningly gorgeous to offer a purpose and also they do not need to be “technical” either.

Lots of web programmers think they need to be “imaginative” as well as laid out to create an internet site never seen prior to, or one that behaves in a completely brand-new as well as original means. This usually causes an overly visual and also sometimes technically complex site design with an unconventional design as well as navigating, that in fact creates even more issues compared to it resolves.

All these “quality website design” features might thrill another designer, but it normally wins no prizes or favours from the general public web site visitors that typically do not come to a web site to admire the style. Lots of web programmers appear bent on re-inventing the wheel rather than observing the established layout conventions that visitors to a website are familiar with. They likewise appear to have neglected the basic K.I.S.S. guideline of design which is Keep It Simple Stupid.

So, having stated quality or excellent web site design is not about Visual, Technical or Creativity just exactly what should it be?

Good Website design = Satisfying Visitors.

There are 2 distinct groups of visitors to a site that a good web site style needs to please and they are people and also search engines. Some web site developers will certainly say that developing a website for the online search engine is not essential, or a waste of time. Although I like to design internet sites with search engines in mind, I do not have an issue if other internet designers do not, offering they have a different strategy.

If a web developer doesn’t develop for the online search engine, then they have to have an alternative strategy to get traffic to the site and they must describe this strategy to the website proprietor. There is no point in making the best web site ever, if there are no ways for bring in visitors to the website.

A great web design additionally has to please the people that visit the web shop. If a web developer develops an internet site that brings in visitors through search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) or various other approaches, this will be lost if the website fails to satisfy sufficient of those visitors when they show up.

By pleasing site visitors, I imply providing visitors with the information, service or products they involved the site trying to find and also doing it in way that is pleasing to the site visitor. If the website is implied to offer products and/or solutions the style ought to likewise be designed to transform enough visitors right into sales or results in please the site proprietor.

If it doesn’t do all this then it’s NOT good site design!

When choosing what is, or is not good web design, I utilize two checklists. One checklist is for reviewing a websites and also the other list is for assessing the entire website. The website evaluation list checks out over 150 elements of excellent page design and the site checklist examines over 120 elements of excellent web site design.


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